This is one of my cowerker. Say hi to Piero!

Hexogen Logo

This is a logo I've made for an Italian IT Startup.

Circus Director

Another day, another viking card! This is the time of the Circus Director.

Undead King

There's a villain in each game! This is the king of the viking undeads.

Panzer IV 9000

This is a concept of a futuristic World War II mech based on the classic german tank: the Panzer!

Say What?

This is my first attempt of a pure vector design for a skateboard! The subject comes from immagination and the colors are taken by a colorhunt.co shade!


This is the second divinity of Valhalla Circus, my never born card game: Loki god of cheating!


A tiki version of the dungeons and dragons Necromancer

Cats are love

Absolutely they are...!

Enemy Skull

As a good viking, don't miss the change to drink from your enemies skull ;)


Don't event look into her eyes... she would steal your soul... and your wallet...!

Weird Flower

Nothing but a funny weird flower!!!! Say hi to this beauty!

Egg Skull

Illustration in greyscale of a skull with a egg head!

Devil of Popocorn

The Devil of PopCorn is a very vicious imp!


Last weekend I've watcher Captain Underpants with my nephew and I've been catched by the characters style.

Space Doggo

When you throw a bone to your dog a bit too fa away... SPACE DOGGO! The cutest astronaut ever!

Mayan Calendar

Here I go with the Mayan Calendar, a funnier version of the standard one, a bit restyled and bit simpler but still tasty!


Hasta la vista! Another tribute from me and this time goes to the real 90's cinema icon: Terminator!


Pho? What the hell are you lookin phor?

Howling Pirates Logo

This is the logo for an app I was developing. It was meant to be an android game!

Pumpkin Cthulhu

Mashup illustration for halloween representing a pumpkin Cthulhu with bat wings

Happy Wallpaper – App Logo

Soon I'll release our first app! This probably will be the logo!

Beer Recipes App Logo

This is an idea of logo for a beer recipes app logo!

The cake wearer

I LOVE to wear this shirt!

AnDo Logo Design

I've made this logo some times ago; it was designed for a indie company...