Very good for your back ache!

Runic beer

A card for the “Vallhalla Circus” card game

Sheep tamer undead

He doesn’t feel that well…

Donut King Vampire

Like the normal donut vampire one… just more dangerous!

Donut Van Hellsing

Is here to protect you from vicious Donut vampires!

Don the Donut

Don the scared donut

The Baker Croissant

The baker croissant from Bakery Rage card game

Random Poet

Only a quick sketch I’ve made times ago for no precise reason.

Mind Bender

My first attempt with Adobe Illustrator! It was really fun to sketch and then colour this little buddy :D!

Circus Director

Another day, another viking card! This is the time of the Circus Director.

Undead King

There's a villain in each game! This is the king of the viking undeads.


This is the second divinity of Valhalla Circus, my never born card game: Loki god of cheating!

Devil of Popcorn

The Devil of PopCorn is a very vicious imp!

Space Doggo

When you throw a bone to your dog a bit too fa away... SPACE DOGGO! The cutest astronaut ever!


Hasta la vista! Another tribute from me and this time goes to the real 90's cinema icon: Terminator!