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Rocket Bandits logo

Logo for a videogame startup company.


Ash from the evil dead tv serie. Made with Affinity Designer on iPad.

Team Ghost

The team in all its glory!

Team Ghost Logo

The logo of a videogame squad: the Team Ghost! Please note the lovely skulls and the pacifist guns!


The last member of Team Ghost! If there’s any lock you can’t open just call The Slavo! There’s nothing he can’t open… if you know what I mean!


The other Team Ghost’s member, a real marksman! He can defeat but don’t tell him about the Predator…!


One of the Team Ghost members! Don't mess with him or he'll throw you one of his famous SHUKEN!!!


Finally a female character ­čśŤ


Very good for your back ache!


“I believe I can fly”

Runic beer

A card for the “Vallhalla Circus” card game

Sheep tamer undead

He doesn’t feel that well…

Strong Man

The “Vallhalla Circus” strong man and his undead version

Donut King Vampire

Like the normal donut vampire one… just more dangerous!

Donut vampire

Directly from the Bakery Rage card game

Donut Van Hellsing

Is here to protect you from vicious Donut vampires!

Don the Donut

Don the scared donut

The Baker Croissant

The baker croissant from Bakery Rage card game

Bakery Rage

Concept graphic for a card game never released.

Scarlet Iguana

The logo, the ads and the coaster for my home brewed beer! I found the name on a free name generator on the net ­čÖé

Random Poet

Only a quick sketch I’ve made times ago for no precise reason.

Jalapu├▒o Logo

A logo for another game that I couldn’t finish! This was a mexican wrestling themed one!

Mind Bender

My first attempt with Adobe Illustrator! It was really fun to sketch and then colour this little buddy :D!

Behind Enemy Dice Logo

A logo for a game I’d like I’d had enough time to develop!

Merry Xmas

My best wishes for a Merry Xmas!!! Keep on rockin' _\,,/

SauroPark Card Game Concept

This is a concept I've made for a cardgame about a dinosaur amusement park.

Hexogen Logo

This is a logo I've made for an Italian IT Startup.

Circus Director

Another day, another viking card! This is the time of the Circus Director.

Sheep Tamer

This is one of the main cards of the Valhalla Circus Card Game!

Undead King

There's a villain in each game! This is the king of the viking undeads.


Third character of my card game prototype: Valhalla Circus!

Panzer IV 9000

This is a concept of a futuristic World War II mech based on the classic german tank: the Panzer!


Celebrating my new store on envate let me introduce you another character of Valhalla Circus: The Jolly!


This is the second divinity of Valhalla Circus, my never born card game: Loki god of cheating!


This is one of the character I've created for a card game called Valhalla Circus.


A tiki version of the dungeons and dragons Necromancer

Devil of Popcorn

The Devil of PopCorn is a very vicious imp!

Space Doggo

When you throw a bone to your dog a bit too fa away... SPACE DOGGO! The cutest astronaut ever!


Hasta la vista! Another tribute from me and this time goes to the real 90's cinema icon: Terminator!

Jingle Roll

Are you mad for Christmas Gifts? Don't let them take you!


Pho? What the hell are you lookin phor?

Lol of the rings

Dear Tolkien, this is my tribute to You and to your enchanting universe!

Level Up!

Logo idea for a rpg/d&d guild! Have you ever dreamed to level up after a battle against a dragon? This is your opportunity! :P

Drone Ace

This is the concept of a drone rider, a mix between the futuristic (maybe steampunk) world and the 1900s epoque!

Urko Kahn – Hot Sauce

I'm ready to produce my home made hot sauce! Initially it'll be a little thing I'll share with friends and relatives but I point to the moon!

Howling Pirates Logo

This is the logo for an app I was developing. It was meant to be an android game!

Halloween Cat

A witch turned into a cat inside a pumpking cauldron! Let's get ready for halloween ;)

Japanese Mushroom

Years ago I desgined a Japanese mushroom Samurai just for fun; 4 years later I extend that idea giving it more depth.

Alessandro Taleggio

Nothing but a cheesy happy guy with goggles and black hair!

Who we are

This is actually my "Who we are" section main pic.

Beer Recipes App Logo

This is an idea of logo for a beer recipes app logo!

Wrecking ball

I came in like a wrecking ball
I never hit so hard in war
All I wanted was to break your balls

IT – Information Technology

"Hello? Our printer is broken... could you please fix it?"

Throne Caller

A lot of people loves the Game of Thrones show, almost all of them loves Jaime Lannister as well.

Ruled by children

It's something like "I've the biggest gun" between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.

AnDo Logo Design

I've made this logo some times ago; it was designed for a indie company...